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Hand Blended Bath & Body Products | Nellie Tier

Special offer

Buy our Hand Wash and receive complimentary gift of luxurious Hand Cream

With a new wave of COVID-19 cases coming into the country as New Zealand nationals return home
we are made aware again of our frontline defence of washing hands well and often.

Wash your Hands, Wash your Hands
– the Health Ministry’s message to our population has never been truer.
This is not a time for complacency. Continuing to wash hands correctly is extremely important.
Keeping oneself well is to keep New Zealand in good health.
And to make washing safer and more effective this winter
we have launched an antibacterial natural hand wash that should help to keep your family safe.

Nellie Tier is well known for its range of luxurious liquid soaps and body washes
and this new limited edition product brings the same promise of a natural cleansing wash
that leaves a comfortable moisturised skin.
The blend of essential oils for the perfume has a strong antibacterial
and antiseptic effect while still remaining pleasant to use.

While the actual washing – the foaming combination of soap, air and water
– destroys any virus, the active antibacterials will mop up other nasty winter bacteria.

Active ingredients: manuka honey which is antibacterial, and aloe vera,
also recognised as anti oxidant and antibacterial.
Our essential oil perfume includes oils of Tea Tree
and Lavender in a blend which also offer antiseptic and antibacterial benefits

All these natural active antibacterial ingredients are combined in a glycerine enriched wash
that lathers beautifully and leaves hands nourished and soft. AND CLEAN !


Event Date: ~ 31. July

No Silicones
No Volatile Alcohols
No Propylene or Butylene Glycols
No Parabens
No Testing on Animals
No Kojic Acid or Hydroquinone
No Petrochemicals

N E L L I E   T I E R   S T O R Y


NELLIE TIER™ is only ten years old but the history of friendship and business partnership shared by co-founders Ann Porter and Sara Sadd spans 30 years.

Ann and Sara met in the early 1980’s – they shared a passionate interest in New Zealand art and in 1986 joined forces to open Masterworks Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand.

Over the next 23 years, Masterworks grew into the best known and most respected applied arts gallery in the country. They sold the business in 2009 in order to concentrate on the next chapter of their shared adventure.

Initially, a hobby the NELLIE TIER™ part of their story was driven by curiosity, fun and a desire to create safe, natural, fresh, effective and environmentally acceptable skincare alternatives for their own use. As a business, it grew almost accidentally and today enjoys an enthusiastic and loyal clientele from around the world.

Victoria Porter-Andrews, Ann’s daughter, joined the duo as NELLIE TIER™ Sales and Marketing Manager. Her enthusiasm and expertise have been hugely instrumental in guiding the business’s growth.

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